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Below are some of the most popular programs we offer, but we often mix aspects from several of these programs to best suit your individual needs. One-one-on-one sessions are typically 45 minutes, but can be modified as available.


One-on-One Training

These sessions provide personalized training to focus on your individual goals, correct form, and progress or regress specific exercises quickly and efficiently. Plus, training modalities can be combined for more interesting and effective workouts. Sessions start at $85/45 mins.


Group Training

Add more fun to your workouts by inviting a few friends. It's motivating, social and more cost effective. All levels of fitness can gather together for a functional workout that matches the needs of everyone involved. Group sessions are 1 hour and prices vary with size of group.


Sport-Specific Training

Want to improve your golf or tennis game and prevent nagging injuries? We're TPI certified to analyze and correct poor form to keep you in the game longer. We can even train you for that first marathon. TPI/Sport Specific training fees are $125/45 mins.


Balance Training

Your risk of falling increases with age and is the leading cause of death from injury for those over age 65. We'll strengthen your body and mind for better balance and greater confidence. We'll teach you how to fall to minimize injury and provide life-saving tips in the event you do suffer a fall. Sessions start at $85/45 mins.


Post-Rehab Training

So what's after physical therapy? So many people recovering from a medical procedure require additional training to complete their recovery and prevent future injury. Also, pre-procedure training often leads to a less painful and quicker recovery. Sessions are $125/45 mins.


Online Video Training

This has become one of our most popular services during this era of Covid. And, it's the perfect option when traveling so you never have to miss a workout. We're set up to work with you through any platform right on your own computer or tablet. We can even help with system setup if necessary. Sessions are $75/45 mins.

Additional Services


Mat Pilates

TRX Training

Hatha Yoga

Flexibility Training

Corporate Fitness

Nutrition Consultation

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